5 Good Deadline-Meeting Habits 五個養成準時交稿的好習慣之一

Authors of academic papers have other things to do. In the general busyness of academia, the deadline for a paper to be handed in or published can get overlooked. The subsequent scramble to complete the paper on time can be painful. Painless deadline-meeting can be learned like any other habit. This series will describe some habits that not only make deadlines less threatening but can improve the quality of the papers themselves. Each of the habits will be presented on the TPS Fan page before being compiled.

Good Habit # 1 – Get started
好習慣之一 開始做就對了

For all the talk about a deadline being a motivator and a planning tool, it mostly is an unforgiving date looming in the distance. As one draws nearer to it, it looms higher. In the shadow of it, a deadline can be quite terrifying. A disciplined academic writer knows this and accepts this. A smart disciplined writer goes one step further and takes steps to remove the terror from a deadline so that it doesn’t loom at all. It becomes simply another date on a calendar. The first habit about deadlines that a smart writer develops is to start working on a paper as soon as it is assigned.

Early starts aren’t all about use of time and making every day count, though that is important. Writers who take a small sabbatical at the beginning of every paper project are not just wasting time—though they are—they also are indulging themselves. We all know some indulgences are better than others, with timing often being the critical issue. A runner who lets himself be distracted at the start of a race pays a price and curses his luck. A writer who gives his mind a break when he should be brainstorming a subject will find other excuses as a project goes along.

This falls under the heading of Discipline. I repeat, starting a project on day one is not just about use of time. It is about becoming mentally engaged in a project at the outset, rather than at some later date. After all, an academic paper should not be a dreaded assignment. It is an opportunity to stir your intellect, learn something new, and advance your academic career through research and writing. What is to dread about that? Neither should a deadline be dreaded. It is just another appointment on your academic calendar, just another part of your scholarly routine. Get started!


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