What does that mean? 你真的瞭解這個慣用語嗎?

Imagery buries itself in language and takes on new meaning. The transplanted and transformed sets of words are called “figures of speech.” For a figure of speech to be effective, however, a writer must first understand the original meaning of the phrase. The following sentence contains a common figure of speech. Its original meaning is explained.

“These findings suggested that the nerve fiber retracted after the traumatic blow, then rebounded within the nerve bundle like an uncoiling spring, and initiated new growth.”

“Like an uncoiling spring” alludes to the expansion of a spiral coil of steel or plastic after a constriction is removed, allowing it to return to a pre-formed, unrepressed state. The change is sudden and energetic and, when occurring within range of another object, sometimes violent. The action is commonly described in the onomatopoeic word sproing!
「如同鬆開的彈簧般 (Like an uncoiling spring)」暗指當鐵製或塑膠製的線圈經過束緊纏繞變形,一旦鬆開後,線圈即刻向外彈開,使其回復到變形前的狀態。這樣突然且強烈的改變,尤其當它同時影響周圍物件時,改變所帶來的後果可能更加猛烈。一般會用擬聲字 "sproing" 來表達對這樣的動作反應。

As used in an academic paper about a biological condition, the simile denotes a marked change of status for a fibrous material. The material was deformed by an outside inhibiting influence and then suddenly regained its previous form and instigated biological change. The simile is used to convey the quickness of the biological expansion.

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