Dragon Boat Festival Return Announcement 歡迎TPS粉絲回來!

Dear Fans,

How did you celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival? We aren’t telling how we celebrated, but it was fun! See you tomorrow, when we bring you the concluding tip in our series on how to write a superior academic paper.

TPS Team

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Dragon Boat Festival Vacation Announcement! 給TPS粉絲的假期通知!

Dear Fans,

Next Monday, June 6, we are going to take a short break from working with you, our TPS scholars, so we can enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival. We hope you enjoy it, too. We’ll be back June 7, with zongzi in our stomach and new questions to tease your brains. See you then.

The TPS Team

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This month only! TPS offers FREE EDITING! 免費潤稿服務—僅剩4個名額,報名從速!

Dear TPS Fans,

Thanks to our fans' support and participation, we have now received 16 requests for FREE editing. We're ready to edit yours too! There are only spots 4 left. Seize the opportunity and apply now!

For those fans who have submitted their names to this event, but have not yet turned in an article to be edited, we would like to remind you that this event will finish at the end of April. Therefore, we ask that you provide us with your article (and the original Chinese, if available) as soon as possible, in order to avoid missing out on this wonderful opportunity for free, professional editing.

Have a great day!

TPS Team

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This month only! TPS offers FREE EDITING to the first 20 fans to apply! 免費潤稿服務—開放前20位粉絲報名!

Dear TPS Fans,

Need another pair of eyes for your essay?
Dearly hoping for another brain to evaluate your writing?
Willing to sacrifice an arm and a leg for professional feedback on your paper?

Spare those limbs!

For a short period of time, The Published Scholar is offering FREE professional editing of up to 300 words. The first 20 TPS fans who contact us between now and the end of April with an editing request will have their electronically transmitted papers professionally reviewed and edited—and it won’t cost you a dollar, pataca, or pound. You may be thinking, "How do I take advantage of this great offer?" It's simplicity itself! 1) Leave a message here on our Facebook Page confirming your interest. 2) Send an email to info@publishedscholar.com with your paper attached (please do not post any personal information on our Facebook Page.) It's that easy! So come on, be the first to take advantage of this LIMITED offer. Apply now!
即日起至四月底止,英文學術發表專家將提供300字免費專業潤稿服務,開放給前20名幸運的TPS粉絲報名體驗。只要在此訊息下方留言,提出潤稿需求取得優先名額,再將你的英文論文/文章與姓名,E-mail到 info@publishedscholar.com,我們會安排美籍編輯顧問立即審閱並編輯你的作品,保證,完全不花你一毛錢。名額有限(Limited offer),歡迎立即報名。

The Published Scholar makes it its business to review and edit all compositions we receive with care and speed, while still respecting your ideas and deadlines. It’s our mission, our interest, and our field of expertise.

Try us. For FREE!

TPS Team

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賀! 科技設計公司陳先生,已於美國國際研討會 HCII 2011成功投稿研討會文章!

科技設計公司陳先生,已於美國國際研討會 HCII 2011成功投稿研討會文章!

Mr. Chen from Design Corporation has successfully published his article on Conference "HCII 2011" in Florida, USA!

Let's give our big applause for Mr. Chen!
再次恭禧陳先生的文章獲得HCII 2011的肯定!

TPS Team 敬賀

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Welcome Greeting! 歡迎TPS粉絲回來!

Dear TPS Fans,

We hope you enjoyed the New Year’s break from your academic routines and happily reunited with your family and friends. But admit it, you missed us! We certainly missed interacting with you! We have assembled some more brainteasers and thought-provoking language features to sharpen your skills as academic writers. We have a year’s worth of fun and engaging activities planned for the Fan Page this Year of the Rabbit. We’ll hop right to it … beginning tomorrow.

TPS Editorial Team

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2011 Blessing Poem to TPS Fans! 獻給TPS粉絲迎接2011年的祝福!

Dear TPS Fans,

The new year is upon us. It is great to share these wonderful moments with you. Thank you for being a part of TPS.

Happy is the scholar in a quest for knowledge.
Great is the challenge of research and proof.
We wish you all success, and family honor.
As you joyfully, hungrily, root out the truth.

Our wish is that you will have a fantastic year in 2011 !

TPS Team

親愛的TPS Fans,




TPS團隊 敬祝

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廖教授在書中介紹了能偵測學習者寫作中的錯誤、並提供建議的工具,如清華大學的MUST雛形系統。根據最近的一份研究報告Automated Grammatical Error Detection for Language Learners指出,MUST是目前動詞偵錯效果最好的系統。這份研究報告還介紹了其他如Educational Testing Service(即舉辦托福考試的ETS)、微軟公司、英國牛津大學等研究單位,積極開發的主動式寫作工具,目前都已經有不錯的成效。隨著資料擴大到網路規模的趨勢,這些工具都會愈來愈成熟。


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The Published Scholar Facebook

英文學術發表專家 The Published Scholar 成立Facebook 了!

Dear Friends,

We are TPS, The Published Scholar. We provide top-quality academic editing services to professors and graduate students in Taiwan and around the world. Please join us!


TPS Team

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